If someone lacks self-confidence, is there any possible way of coming out from that situation? This is pretty much common question. Have you control on your self-confidence?
If you don’t possess control on self-confidence or lack self-confidence, I strongly recommend taking some steps to increase your self-confidence. Self-confidence is not a genetic property and you can’t depend someone to help boost your confidence level. If you often you are not intelligent, competent, smart, beautiful or attractive etc. These considerations can be changed with little bit effort.

You can remove all these frustrations by controlling the self-confidence and controlling your life. Take the steps that will help to improve your image, competence and self-confidence without the help of anyone else. Here in coming text I’m going to discuss the 25 steps that you can take to improve your confidence. These steps may be revolutionary in your life. This list is not so comprehensive; these are only my favorite stuff. Hopefully you’ll find some suitable steps for you. Keep trying one by one and choose that appeals you best.

1. Groom yourself: This sounds obvious but it works amazingly. You will feel awesome and different with taking shower and shave, it can change feelings. Some peoples change their mood by this habit only. It increases the self-confidence.
2. Dress nicely: if you are wearing proper neat and clean dress, you will feel good and confident about you. Your image looks better. Your presentation will be good and ready to handle your problems. Nice dress means different for different persons, it doesn’t mean costly dress. It may be a casual dress that is neat and clean and looks presentable.
3. Photoshop your self-image:  Our self-image has value for us, more then we think. By our look we present our mental picture that describes how confident we are in ourselves. This mental picture is versatile so we can adjust according to our wishes. Use your skills to improve your appearance. Find out the flaws diminishing your personality and fix them.
4. Think positive: One of most important thing that ruins our personality badly is negative thinking or overthinking. You must take steps to remove this habit. Do serious efforts to change the habit of over thinking or negative thinking. When you think positive you see everything fresh and feel relax.
5. Kill negative thoughts: It is extremely important for you to take some serious steps to eradicate negative thoughts. Stop your mind from thinking bad ideas and control the ideas coming in your mind. You should go for outside walk, watch some interesting TV show, book a ticket for some concert. Try to recognize yourself and manage some time for you.
6. Get to know you: In tug of war, wisest soldier tries to understand the capability of his enemy. Without knowing the potential of your enemy you can’t defeat him. When the negative thoughts are cleaned, your image is self-confident. Think about self, Allah has made you beautiful, you can do everything, you have courage and no one can defeat you. Things start getting improved at the moment when decide to improve them.
7. Act positive: Put your positive thinking’s in positive actions. Basically positive action is major key of developing self-confidence. Acting positively is a way of telling yourself about your self-confidence instead of just thinking positive. Have conversation with peoples in positive and decent way, create energy in your actions. You will soon observe the difference.
8. Be kind and generous: Being kind and generous to others and yourself and your precious time and what you possess is a tremendous way of developing your positive image. When you act positive, you will start feeling comfortable about yourself that you are a good person. This thing surprisingly increases your self-confidence.
9. Get prepared: It is very tough to build confidence when you feel you can’t do anything. Beat this feeling by getting prepared for that. Think about sitting in an exam. If you have not prepared yourself well for exam, you will have feelings of not performing well and lacks confidence about your abilities. But if you prepared yourself for exam, you will be confident about getting good grade. Think the life as your exam and get ready for that.
10. Know your principles and live them: It is very frustrating condition when you are spending your life without any principle, your life seems directionless. First of all set your principles and stick to them, you may often fail in getting your goals, don’t worry but set the rules for spending life.
11. Speak slowly: Speaking slowly increases the confidence and authority of person. This is a small thing but it makes a big difference. A person who speaks quickly thinks that his voice is not worthy and doesn’t keep the other persons on waiting. Even you’ll also not feel the person confident speaking quickly.
12. Stand tall: Standing tall and straight forward increases the confidence and charms of a person. The posture of person improves while standing tall. So standing tall increases the confidence and person looks attractive. This is a good habit to adopt.
13. Increase competence: You should increase your competence by studying and practicing. Give some time for writing a journal or blog or increase the practice in your profession. Just make small efforts, with the passage of time you’ll feel having grip on your profession. The more you practice or write, the more you’ll grow in your profession.
14. Set a small goal and achieve it: Try to set small goals and make efforts to achieve them. Achieving these small goals will increase confidence in you. Peoples often make mistake while setting the goals. They set big goals and when they fail to achieve them often loose heart. The more you make achievements of your small goals, the more you’ll be confident.
15. Change a small habit: Try to adopt or quit a small habit like drinking a glass of water when you awake up, take a ride of 30 minutes, reach 10 minutes earlier then routine not big habits like quit smoking. Try to do something small that you can do easily. Repeat your habit 30 days, you will feel confident.
16. Focus on solutions: If you often complain about something or just focus on problems, change your attitude right now. Focusing on finding solutions of your problems instead of getting worried about problems is one of the best approaches towards confidence and life.
17. Smile: This small trick works amazing. I often feel better relax when I have a small smile in worries. Trust me, it works. This small habit has chain reaction. Not a bad or time consuming investment. It makes a worried person energetic.
18. Volunteer: Suppose today is holiday, you have plenty of time to be volunteer for some good purpose, to make your holiday cheer, to make lives of other persons better. It will be the best ever time you have spent in your life and surprising side benefit is that you’ll feel comfortable about yourself instantly.
19. Be grateful: I have firm believe that more you will be grateful more you will be blessed and self-confident. Being grateful for blessing you have in your life is a very humble activity. It is an extremely rewarding and self-confidence building activity and improves your self-image.
20. Exercise: Doing exercise every day is the most empowering activity in world to improve your physical health, confidence and self-image. A healthy person think positive, has control on anger and power to fight with problems. You should take 30 minutes daily exercise and you will observe the benefits very soon.
21. Empower yourself with knowledge: Empowering yourself with knowledge increases your ability to think about the solutions of problems effectively. Knowledge grows the mental abilities. Knowledge increases your competency and gets you ready for life. By getting knowledge you’ll be more confident. Today internet is great source of knowledge, you can also seek knowledge from the peoples around you, and peoples have performed what you are looking for. There are also many books journals magazines novels you can read.
22. Do something you have been procrastination on: what’s on your mind? You have set on top priority. In early morning do. You will feel comfortable about yourself.
23. Get active: Doing something is better than sitting idle. Off course when we do something mistakes happen. But mistakes are part of life and we learn new things from mistakes. Simple keep doing something and don’t worry about mistakes.
24. Work on small things: Instead of working on big projects and getting frustrated, try to do some small projects, break the work in small chunks. Small achievements make you confident and lead to big achievements. Small achievements create courage to do some big things.
25. Clear your desk: It sounds small and simple thing but it works wonder. A messy and busy desk makes the mind uncomfortable. Clearing the desk the removing the unnecessary stuff makes life under control. It is a piece of comfort among storm.

25 Killer steps to boost your self-confidence

There are many women in Pakistan who want to earn some passive money from internet while sitting at home as these women can’t go out from home for work as they have to look after their children and home or they are simply restricted from doing any job outside the home.
Let we describe some practical ways how these women can earn while sitting at home, by just having internet and computer.

Freelance Writing:

Women can work as freelance writers and start earning. They can write not only for different blogs and websites but also contribute different newspapers and magazines of their own interest that will for writing the stories and articles for them. They are required to simply compose the article and email their content to different blogs and websites or newspapers and magazines. For example a 500 words article is being paid 200 to 800 rupees depending on the quality and type of content. Just giving you an idea, you can read some online books and seek help from different text material about writing jobs. House women and other jobless persons or job holders which want to add some income in their earning should visit the websites like Elance, Odesk etc. You should visit these websites for content writing jobs and website content writing jobs on rozee.pk and many other portals offer content writing home based jobs. There are many that you can visit and find some suitable job for you.

Do Business from Home:

If you can make good design dresses, stitch or do some embroidery work etc then you can begin your own business from home very quickly. Simply make a website or create a Facebook and start selling your productions online.
It is better to have some website to represent your productions. If you know web development create it yourself or take service from some freelance website. You should upload the images of creations on website, mentions their sizes and prices with them and put contact details along with so that customers can easily contact with you. You can even sell your car paintings or any art work via Facebook or myoffstreet.com.

Teach Online:

If you are a good teacher with effective communications skills you can provide tuition services to your students via internet. You are required to simply create a Facebook page, YouTube, Website/Blog and upload the recorded lectures for your students who have already paid you in advance for your tuition. They may also ask you for assistance at home. So pick your mic guide them.

Start Cooking:

This sounds pretty much awesome. The women which at good in cooking and the love kitchen work they can prepare good foods at home and start earning money. Peoples may order you from your blog, Facebook page or via direct calling you. Some women are successfully doing this job on internet. They have a weekly menu and supply food on order.
SadiaKitchen is best example of home based kitchen in Pakistan, who used her hobby of kitchen work as profession and with the assistance of her Husband and children, she started Sadia’s Kitchen. Her extreme passion for food cooking and learn new recipes brought her in Kitchen Business. You can visit Sadia’s Kitchen on Facebook.

Data Entry:

There are multiple organizations and individuals on internet which require someone to do some data entry work for them. For example someone needs to extract phone numbers from some pictures, he will pay for that. Someone may need to prepare some excel sheet of addresses or medicines prices data. You should join such kind of Facebook groups too. I have observed many individuals asking for some data entry work. Many freelancing websites also offer such kind of work. Many travel agencies need the computer operator to extract data from their client’s emails. Such kinds of employers look for some remote person to that job for them.

Graphic Designing:

I’ll personally suggest learning the use of adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and such kind of other graphic designing applications. By using these applications you can draw logo for different businesses, websites, blogs or brands etc. I have observed a pool of customers even in Facebook groups looking for someone to make some suitable logo for their brand, website etc. You can provide services on Fiverr by creating beautiful logos, brochures, pamphlets etc.   

How Non-Technical Pakistani ladies can earn money from internet?

If you have planned New Year’s resolutions and decided to run a blog you are at right place. if you decided to make website and earn money with Adsense, this article will help you. We are here to help your dream coming true.
One of the most attractive and lucrative way of making money online as blogger is with Google Adsense Marketing Tool. Google Adsense gives the publishers bunch of tools to create variety of ad units of different types and sizes for their content. When your blog visitors click on the ads you have put on your website, you are paid by Google and make money.  
Google takes some commission from ads revenue while rest amount is transferred to the publisher’s bank account one time in a month. It is an amazing and wonderful way of making some passive money, but you need to target right audience. Some peoples are running blogs with Adsense as full careers. But how they manage all this?
Here we are going to discuss some strategies to increase your Google Adsense earning in 2019 so that you can earn well in future.

#1. Proper placement of Ad units
One of the most common issue faced by new bloggers is the proper placement of ad units from Adsense account to their blogs or websites. There are multiple factors you need to count and keep an eye on them while making the placement of ads.
It is most important that your ads should be clearly and comfortably observed by audience as soon as the audience visits your blog or website. You are also required to control the number of ads being placed on a page. User will pay no attention and left away if a website is filled with ads.
Experts suggest that there will be only three ad units on a page. You can place large horizontal rectangular and two rectangular on side bar or between the content. Try to place mix ads including text and images.
Don’t use the over number of ads. It is possible to test the acceptable number of ads on a page. Try different positions of ads units. If you increase the number of ad units on a page, you are not only using your visitors, you may decrease you CPC. If you lose visitors it directly means you are losing your revenue. Less the number of ads more money you will make.

#2 Use High Paying Keywords
Almost all the niches acceptable by Google of different topics have some high value keywords. Google also excludes some niches from its Adsense Program like gambling, tobacco etc. When your featured article has some high value keywords of your niche, you will get ads related to your niche topic. Getting ads according to your niche topic means you will earn more revenue.
There are multiple tools available to find high value keywords related to your niche. Google has a free tool “Google Keyword Planner” that helps you to find bunch of keyword phrases or website. You can easily search the trend of particular audience. You can easily get knowledge of what type of keywords peoples are searching for. You can create a report of data by their searches, CPC  etc.
As you perform some deep research you’ll be able to know about keyword phrases working best relative to your niche. This is hit and trial method, multiple factors keep changes like if you change the keywords ads will also change. Sometimes you get more clicks from low value keywords but less revenue, but sometime high paying keywords give more revenue with fewer clicks. You’ll gradually learn different things when you start the blog.

#3 Edit Designs of your Selected Ad units
When you have figure out the ads type you want to use, you may edit them so that it can easily adjust with rest of website. Don’t skip this step and try to use same color and border of ads like rest of your website. There are some important factors you need to count while implementing ads on website. First the color and border of ads should be similar to rest of whole website. Secondly try to use a color scheme that mixes with the background and text color of remaining website. Use slightly lower or dim colors to make ads noticeable. Always check the preview of your ads to confirm that how ads will go live on website.  

#4 Monitor your results
Many bloggers put ads units on blogs and then simply let it go live for work. They don’t even try to check the results on daily basis or even weekly basis. They simply drive some traffic to their website and sit idle and wait for money to come in their account when Adsense finalizes the earning at the end of month.
To control and improve the performance of your ads you continuously need to check your ads performance on daily basis how well ads are performing. You should track the some factors of ads to keep an eye on ads units how well they are going and where the improvement is required.
For example put two ads units on a blog post and put three ads units on another blog post and observe the performance of both placements. The blog post works well with three ads units repeat the procedure on another blog post and observe the amount of clicks and revenue earned. Keep repeating the same experiments until you get the comfortable results.

How to get more revenue from Adsense in 2019
When you work with Google Adsense it gives you everything you need to be successful. If you are using other blogging tools like list building from where you are getting traffic, continuously monitor your website content and ads performance. There is no restriction on revenue being earned by this system. All you need stay dedicated and keep a close eye on progress. Stay persistent and work continuously for the goals you have set. Your blog will surely be able to earn decent amount of earning.

Tips to boost your Google Adsense Revenue in 2019

It is still time to work on Amazon FBA, another period of resolutions to go with. Like many peoples have passions in December that they will take care of their eating habits, lose weight and drink less, stop smoking and much more like that.
But either all the promises are kept for long term? Maximum 2 to 3 weeks or little bit more, but not so long. I think the old habits are not easy to die, it’s very crucial step for everyone. I know not only me have this type of thoughts. Many of makes a list of resolutions in January going to take place in next coming year, but practically give only few days, weeks or hardly few months. Then we make similar targets to ourselves the coming January will be revolutionary month repeating the same routine of failures. Set goals for resolutions, give up targets and repeat the same! Now we are in 2019 like a blank page, let’s make the decision to make to write this page with colorful statements and make the life happy.
I’m not giving you the guarantee of making 12 to 15 pounds per day or meet your friends and family very often. You are required to work hard, avoid from frustration, try to achieve the goal, be realistic: it may turn your life up or down.

Starting the Journey

Let’s go back for a while when you had 4 jobs per day and need to communicate for 2 hours with each job. You had more time to spend with your friends and family, extra money for car’s fuel decent salary and dream car. After reaching home fell asleep and have plenty of time for rest. Every time when I was invited for an event or party I need to check my bank account for balance either it will support my current and next complete plans. Surely I was living the life for work, not the working for live. After two years of these hectic activities, at start of 2018 I set a target to live my life. At the time I had no idea how to begin and what to do. I decided to take help from Google. I searched the query “How to make money at home using some online sources”. After multiple searches I came across Amazon Fulfillment offered by Amazon (FBA).

The Next step towards Amazon FBA

Online selling or purchasing was not definitely new for me. I had been selling different products on eBay to make some extra bucks. But I have never heard that how the selling on Amazon is a viable way to make money to make the life comfortable. Amazon FBA sellers are earning their livelihood very comfortably to make their lives peaceful. My dream of buying a new car 2018 was clearly looking to come true. I decided not to waste time what to sell on Amazon. I had enough space for storing the products. My residence was attractive, just across the road near to a post office. So sending the parcels to customers was not a tough job. Before leading to FBA I had all necessary arrangements. I was surprised to listen that Amazon will store, ship my products itself instead of storing my stock by myself. Amazon do it all this for me. Amazon will also handle the refunds or returns. Amazon will take care of all these matters. Amazon will charge a small fee for each product sold. I have plenty of time for sleep, rest, walk, parties with friends instead of packing, shipping to the peoples myself. This is a true win.

Find the Perfect Vehicle for your Adventure

I surfed the YouTube to get all tricks and tips to find some best products to sell. My sleep time, lunch breaks and dinner spent by watching the videos and finding the best suitable product to sell. Finally I was able to find the some high demand and low competition product that may make rich. I ended the research with my own Moby-Dick, that I was looking from few weeks.

Avoid Getting Stuck

Don’t stuck to a step like finding the best suitable product. If you are feeling uncomfortable with one go for other product. Don’t waste your value able time by sticking to a single step. Your time is very precious that you can spend for making some negotiations with shipment companies or creating some killer listing.

Perfect Timing

You have to decide how much time is required to research some product that can make you rich. About two to three weeks are enough for product research. If you stuck to just product research, you are going to involve in an unending cycle of finding best product for you. Spending two to three weeks for product research is enough; you’ll also have the time to monitor the performance of product how well is it going on. Then you’ll have enough knowledge about some beneficial product for you.

Maintain your momentum

After repeating the cycle of finding suitable and ideal product for you, now it is time to make your business online. The selected product may be going to make your life rich and comfortable. After that you should go for some marketing strategies, for a supplier and look for some professional logo maker to improve appearance of your product.

Sign up for Seller Account

After successful selection of product, you need to sign up for seller account on Amazon. This is an extremely simple and self-explaining procedure. Sign up for seller account.

Navigating the intersections

You need to find a good supplier, for this purpose you can take help from online forums, Facebook groups or other online workers. Try to find some experienced supplier which is easy to communicate and make the products according to good standards. Ask the supplier for some product samples, analyses the product either customer will accept happily or not. Make an agreement with supplier for providing the products according to your time frame and needs.

Make Sure You are Seen

Now it’s time make some attractive logo for your product. If you can design it on your end, its good otherwise you can go for Jungle Scout Market where bunch of professional freelancers available which can design perfect logos for your Amazon product. There are also freelancers which work only for Amazon products. So getting the packaging ready will take about 1 week only.

Head out on the way

There may be frustration in your mind either your product or work strategy performs very well or not. Remember fear takes away the courage of moving forward. So don’t do any hurry or take some foolish step. Be cool. There may be a frustration of losing your hard earned money and time, as you have invested some time and money on logo making. Don’t get afraid as the peoples take many years to get success. There is time for success. You can’t get some before time and more than your share.  

How to make money by selling Amazon FBA 2019

Today we are going to talk about “How to make money by using amazon affiliate program”.
Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. There are multiple market places in world, but Amazon is still first choice of everyone to sell their products. The reason behind why I prefer Amazon too much is that it converts very well. From many years Amazon has performed very well and maintained itself as best e-retailor in the world. It has earned the trust of customers, its customers shop with them again and again.
Moreover, Amazon still gives you commission if your directed customer shops the product other you recommended. You are still earning a commission.

I added an Amazon product link to a camera product on my blog posts after signing in as Amazon Affiliate but never signed in to my Amazon account affiliate dashboard to observe the performance. After few months I logged into my account of Amazon affiliate panel, there was a surprise that there were 100 clicks were driven from that article and converted very well. Apart from buying camera from my link customers bought many other products too like jeans, memory card, that gave me good commission about 10 dollar and so on.  Though the direct commission was not so high, it gave me motivation to work harder and made me passionate to work on Amazon affiliate in future.
Amazon’s affiliate program pays up to 10% of sale amount and, depending upon the type of product you are going to sale, it’s an excellent method to make some extra money.

Amazon offer products in multiple categories, you search for product of desired niche easily. If you are a smart phone or gadget blogger, you can easily write a complete review about that gadget and put Amazon affiliate link easily. In this way you can easily earn some extra money. There are multiple ways of making money with Amazon affiliate program that we’ll explore later. In this article we will discuss the most crucial part of Amazon affiliate program.

To start with Amazon you have to sign up for Amazon associate program matching with your residence location or you is near target market. For example if you sign up for U.S audience the registration link is different. If you sign up from Pakistan, the registration link is different. If you are willing to promote Amazon products from all the geographic locations, you should join for Amazon associate program for whole world. You should also use the service like Geni.us or   plugin EasyAzon to make use of mobile traffic and localize all your affiliate link for earning some extra bucks from Amazon store in auto pilot.

How to monetize as an Amazon Affiliate?

I’m assuming that you have joined Amazon associates program. If not, do it right now. The next step is selection of links, widgets and banners for money site. You can easily select different kinds of links and banners depending on your niches. For example if you have a smart phones blog, you should create a page named as “Recommended Smart Phones”. If you are running a movie or music blog, you should add a widget on sidebar with affiliate link of movie’s DVD. There are bunch of possibilities depending on the niche of your website. You can monetize your website to a reasonable degree using Amazon.
It is very easy to grab link from Amazon and place on your website. So you just start grabbing links from your affiliate panel with number ID and earn some money.

Is Amazon Affiliates Best Than Google Adsense?

Suppose your blog posts are getting 1000 visitors per day. Assuming an eCPM of about 4$ in Adsense, which is considered pretty much good, you would make an average 100 dollars per month. On the other hand, if you are using Amazon affiliate program on your website assuming a safe ctr of 5%, you will approximately get 50 visitors every day, I’m not what will be your selling rate, but consider it is 5%. It means you are getting 2 to 3 sales every day. That means you are getting 60 to 90 sales per month and commission ranging from $200 to $2000, depending on your selected products for your promotion, which is much better than the income you will make with Adsense.
There are bunch of success stories of Amazon affiliates on internet, but I’ll suggest you not remove Adsense until you get your first sale from Amazon. Adsense gives you metal peace with recurring income, whereas Amazon Affiliate link will help to supercharge your income.
Your program selection also depends on type of your blog nature. You should keep a combination of both programs and observe which one performs best.

Amazon affiliate links perform awesome within blog post. We can also add a widget of related Amazon products below blog post, which works best. You can also take benefit of YouTube videos and write review about any product and put link of Amazon product from description.
If you have used multiple Amazon links in past and you are looking for some easy way to monetize them, you should go for VigLink which will surely help you to convert all links into Amazon associates links. You will surely make handsome money from it.

How to make money with amazon affiliate program?

While sitting with friends in a group, it is a common question “How to overcome myself from overthinking?” and many question are raised that why the person is unable to sleep late at night due to his mental disorder. Surely overthinking is a curse. It can keeps you upset for things that may not really happen and even they are going to happen then why keep thinking on it?
Working on some technical idea is good thing, but overthinking is condition of brain that can affect a person’s physical health. It surely has long lasting effects on our near relations because what starts in mind, doesn’t stay in mind for long time. 
Persons who think over unnecessary things tend to go in unrealistic world. The mind creates questions and their answers or reactions itself. The persons who over think are more irritable, their minds conclude something very soon with no real grounds. Over thinking is a curse and bad habit, everyone needs to give it up. Here are some useful suggestions for patients to overcome such draining habit.

Snap and Pull

The moment you observe yourself getting engaged in tiresome mental activity, that is the time you need to pull yourself from that situation. You should observe how speedily you are escaping from real world. Keep yourself in real world and focus on facts and figures. It initiates with small thoughts, doubts, anxiety or stress but ends with heavy grudge or fear on heart. It is good to take long breaths, walk yourself, inhale oxygen in body and out as soon as you feel yourself on ground.

Turn on the lights!

“Lights!” oh yes, like a movie director, order to turn the lights on and off, you should put some light on mind to bring it on normal stream. Turn your mind towards happy things in your life and start counting blessings Allah has showered on you. Over thinking is base of too many fears. You have to beat overthinking by remembering the joy moments and gratitude for the blessings of Allah and pass some time your family. Look for happy things about you, your relations and divert back to life. You should make a list of things of things you are happy and lists of your goals you want to achieve in future. It’s all about turning your mind from darkness to light.
Hold your horses Mr. Fortune teller!
Stop behaving like a fortune teller, by mixing and attaching things into a stupid chaos in your mind. Have we any knowledge what will happen in next second? Then why think so much that what will happen in future. The reality behind our all fears is that nothing happens which frightens us. Sometimes we think about tripping on stage during speech before audience but nothing has to be happened. We are only killing our confidence. With the doubt of “what will happen” we are satisfying our self about the things that are not going to be happening in reality.  Always remember you are not a future predicting machine, just cool and calm your nerves and offer then have a seat and relax.

Sleep is Beauty

Sleeping time is essential part of human life. Never waste your sleeping time even for your girlfriend. Our brain needs a rest for specific time after long day hectic activities. It is common habit to check social media details or watch Netflix series before going to bed; in this way we are only shrinking our sleeping time which is not good for health. Proper sleeping time is a vital factor for human body and mind too because both are interlinked. Scrolling through the news feeds of your social media accounts, watching some happy pictures the mind of over thinker can trigger. Everyone has its own story, happy pictures are not always but the mind of over think may take it in different way that why is lacks such things. Bed is made for sleeping and sleeping time should be only for proper sleep which is helpful for mental health. Keep away the phone at least 2 hours before going for bed and snore away. There are multiple scientific reasons for not using phone near sleeping time.

Grateful Mind

Over thinkers sometimes become quite unhappy peoples because their minds always assume, argue and control everything. No matter how much an over thinker tries to make comfortable their life with own ways, real life pull away his ideas. Life is very unpredictable and not smooth so we should give up understanding the life. Diverting from over thinking mind to a grateful mind negates the urges to entertain unnecessary trash. A grateful heart is blessing magnet. Try to remove the burden of unnecessary thoughts and make room for butterflies, flowers, rivers and all beautiful things. Control your mind so that your mind don’t master you.   

How to stop over thinking?

Here are some techniques approved by therapists to help you remove depression and stop ruminating the things getting in your way.
In my 12 practice at mental clinic, I have faced hundreds of patients in my clinic suffering from depression and sadness. This is not extra ordinary because according the report of National Network of Depressions Centers one in 5 Americans face depression in his life. In fact depression is main cause of disability among the ages of 15 – 44.  While major depression often base in genetic roots that can be tough to navigate and sometimes require psych medicals, here is good result: Within 4 to 6 weeks of initial treatment 80% percent of depression patients start recovering.
It doesn’t mean that depression has q quick fix treatment like Boom, you are cured and may be it takes some time or you may suffer again. However some treatments are present that help to lift the ruminating and emotional paralysis that causes depression. Every technique becomes tough to implement due to behavioral changes required to prevent a relapse. Luckily there are methods to stitch the holes in curtain of unrelenting darkness.

Try These 5 Blue-Busters

#1. Take a different view. Mostly depressions bring a psychological myopia: Depression patient automatically repeats to him/herself soul hurting negative ideas: “I can do nothing” “How could I might be so fool?” “I am not to get someone’s love”. A depressions continuously think about that kind of negative thoughts, if unnoticed, spend many hours starting at one place commonly on floor. At those moments you are stuck to your own one point and observing the things with one angle only and missing many other possible views. If you force yourself to look here and there, there are multiple objects lying in the room like bookcase, paintings, a window with sunlight streaming inside room. It is not a fascinating park or office where bunch of stuff is available, but there are still many things you are refusing to observe.
Then patient lifts his/her eyes to visit the entire room “Oh, I never observed that funny placard”. Instead of continuously convincing yourself that there is nothing for you, you should all other options. There is always a plan B.

#2. Visualize a happy memory. When depression patients continuously rewind the painful memories like romantic rejection or failed business enterprise, it will push him in emotions and tears may burst. I say wait, before going down to the rabbit hole and dark feelings covers you, simply close your eyes and remember some happy memories.
Remember the day graduation completion day, when I was standing on stage with my degree in my hands looking at my family feeling proud on me. Further describing that lovely day, when mother wore blue shining dress and hold my graduation certificate. You’ll slide back from awful memory by remembering that happy memories. Take a comfortable breath and counter the gloom with positivity.

#3. Tell me something good. A depressed student earned Ph.D. degree in Art and Science of self-hatred. I ask what you feel about yourself. I got the answers like I’m boring, ugli, weak and not smart. These sentiments are absolutely true by their living place. As long as these negative ideas are not uprooted from mind your self-image or anything can break through. 
Then I ask to describe some good things about you. Initially I got a small silence then I hear some halting, I’m caring, loving, if someone stuck I help help-out, I’m reliable, I’m good nurturer. I asked the patient to build a list of good attributes and keep repeating continuously while toxic memories begin to initiate. I suggest the family members and friends of my patient to email a list of positive characteristics to my patient.  The next step is to print out the list of good qualities and spread in whole house like on walls and washroom by showing notices like “I’m beautiful blue flashing eyes”, “I’m good computer operator”. You should spiritually feed yourself and replace the negativities with positivity.

#4. Make Plans. When a person is depressed he will mostly like to stay at home in bed, preferably under cover and shades drawn. Pick up phone and listen some friend’s voice. There is no planning for outing and walking etc. Internet has placed dangerous effects on human attitude, made the man isolate. Studies has shown that limiting the use of social media up to 30 minutes only can significantly decreases the depression.
It is a suggestion for depression patients to go outside for walk. Spend some time friends, closely observe the nature, do some social activities. But surly spend some time to take shower, dress up, use some perfume and go for gym too.
Mostly peoples go for routine work after job like laundry. I suggest such peoples to do something opposite to routine work like go for garden, baking cookies, visit some park with friends.

#5. Find something to look forward. This is an effective to use as vaccination for depression patients. Try to search some event going to occur in near future. Studies have shown that instead of remembering the old beautiful memories joining new activities is more useful for curing depression. Book a trip, buy tickets of some concert, plan a party with friends or family members or go for full body massage.
Stop continually telling you that nothing good can happen, you have been there, seen that, done that.

How to successfully overcome depression? Steps to make meaningful impact

All the parents have different minds and thoughts and some are lenient then others. To make parents comfortable for what you want you should be open to discuss. If you have proper planning to make your request possible before parents, they’ll surely buy what you want. Always show care and respect for parents and never be rude and mean if you do not get your wish fulfill.

Talking to your parents about your request

1 Reflect on what you’re asking for. You should have knowledge about parents answer yes or no. Try to compare you request with things that your parents have bought for you in past. Is your current request larger than what the parents usually have bought for you? Have a look on your financial sources and think for a moment how long it would take to pay if you buy at your end. Also think about the request is something really needed and worthy for you. Carefully decide either you want is having worth. Many things belonging in childhood and teenage are just passing trends.Does your request will make you able to show off the peoples in your school. Do you want this because this will personally help you for mental relief and fun. By answering the above mentioned questions will help you to place your request before parents confidentially.
2 Plan the talk. Pick the suitable time to talk when your parents are in happy and good mood, like salary day or when they are feeling proud of some achievement. If you talk at bad time, you may make them more frustrated then there are rare chances to get what you want. You may talk to one parent over the other. It will help to complete the small everyday tasks and keep the conversation open.
3 Make the pitch to your parents. Initiate with simple words about what they are doing or talking. Try to handle the things in natural way. Like if you are wishing for a new dress, begin commenting about how old you’re all currents dresses are.   Then move conversation about getting a new dress that you best fits you.
If you want to buy something like videogame, you may start explaining the excitements and premise of games.
4. Be mature throughout the discussion. Always prove your parents that you are a mature kid with good attitude. Don’t argue or demand if they look doubtful in beginning. Gently explain about what you want and procedure you are willing to adopt to get your wish fulfill. The more reasonable and polite you are, the more chances are your parents will listen you.  Make sure to stay confident and well-mannered by taking deep breaths while discussing the matter. You should go for small conversation and try knowing that either parent will say no. In this way you’ll not loose confident if parents reject proposal.
5 Mind your body language. Stand straight or sit up straight in a chair, leave arms open and give a proper smile. Even if your parents take it subconsciously, this situation assures and improves your chances of convincing your parents.
6. Discuss positive outcomes of your request. Brief your parents how this is something have positive effects or may help you to learn more. Don’t lie or cheat your parents and convince that new product you are going to buy has many lessons. If you need an iPhone, explain how you can download educational apps for learning and how your parents will be able to reach easier.

Offering to do something for your parents

1 Make a deal. Note that your parents do on regular basis around your home. May be your dad cleans the home and garden on weekly basis or your mom cleans the home or cat’s box on daily basis. Offer them to do something they do on regular basis in home for a week or month. After successfully completing your probation period you’ll surely get you want from your parents. Many parents wish that their babies get good marks in exams. If you are bad in any subject, offer to improve your marks. After getting satisfactory performance tutor will the dedication of parents.
2 Consider paying for part of it yourself. Surely your parents will appreciate if you offer to pay some portion of product you are going to buy. This will also show the importance of product you are buying and your dedication. If your parents ask you to pay its half price, don’t take your words back and stick to your promise.
3 Present the request as a gift. Tell your parents for what you want as gift such as holiday gift or early birthday gift. Parents will surely help you to get your desired thing for one of the coming reasons. Suppose what your parents usually buy for you on holidays or birthday. Don’t ask for awkward thing gift card for valentine day.

Increasing your chances of getting your request

1 Be on your best behavior to show you deserve it. Consistently do your home-work, complete all education activities on time. Do anything your parents ask you to do without any complain and show good attitude. It may sound like a lot of effort going to done by you, but remember in return what you are going to get.
2 Stay focused on your goal. Keep a solid picture of what you want in your brain. Don’t minimize the view of prize. It will keep you continuously doing effort for your goal. If you perform something excellent like get good grades in exams on your report card, then take the opportunity to ask for what you want. Don’t target the less important things like if you’re willing for iPhone don’t ask for other smart phones until you get iPhone.
3 Be creative with your request. Like if you need an iPhone, draw the sketches of iPhone on a poster, or find the posters of iPhone and hang on most visited wall of home. Pass comments on iPhone poster while passing and draw attention towards it. If parents have good sense of humor, this technique will work effectively. You can make your even better by putting together a beautiful and entertaining PowerPoint presentation with short cosmic strip.
4 Act mature throughout the process. Act like an actor and don’t beg for what you want. If you insist, argue or fight for your product or gift your parents will be less interested to help you to get it. While taking about your item, keep an eye on parents views. Take the parent’s doubt seriously about the item and try to remove them.

How to convince your parents to get you something?